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momentum architect is a professional architectural practice with a solid design experience that covers a wide range of building types and interior design projects. We are founded with a core objective to deliver practical solutions that meet our client’s project budget and schedule.

Our experience allows us to ask the right questions during the project definition stage, helping our clients overcome the hurdles  of the project development process and avoiding its pitfalls.

For delivering effective results, we built our design approach on hands-on experience, historical data and the adaptation of four major “Pillars of Quality” in our final design product: Safety, Clarity, Sustainability and Economy.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, every design by “momentum architect” goes though the full analysis process. We never recycle ideas, instead, we strive to create a unique solution which define the project identity and meet its programatic criteria.

We like to hear about your upcoming project and provide guidance at its inception stage. Please e-mail our Principal Architect directly at ibrahim@momentumarchitect.com or call us for a free discussion, presentation or a copy of our profile section relative to your upcoming project.

Mitropoulos / Horsley Residence, Dundas, ON.

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